Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea is a sour, effervescent beverage that can be made in your own kitchen, purchased in healthy food stores like Whole Foods.

Health Benefits on Kombucha tea:

  • Improves Your Digestion
  • Helps You Lose Weight
  • Reduces Your Stress Levels
  • Gives You More Energy
  • Increases Your Immune System
  • Relives Constipation
  • Cures Your Hangovers
  • Cleanses Your Liver
  • Makes Your Skin Look Younger and Heals Eczema
  • Strengthens and Restores The Color Of Your Hair


Nutrients you can get in Kombucha tea:

Kombucha tea is high on vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, amino acids, polyphenols, enzymes, probiotics and traces of ethyl alcohol.


Side effects on Kombucha tea:

Kombucha side effects have been reported. A rare case of myositis has been mentioned with drinking. Other possible problems include harm to liver and lactic acidosis. These harmful effects are rare compared to the number of people who drink this tea.



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