Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is an herbal plant and grows in the wild throughout the world.

Peppermint is also commonly added as flavour in food such as ice cream, candies, pastry and chewing gum. It is also a powerful healing plant.

Whether as a nice, relaxing tea in the evening or as a cure for nausea or upset stomach – this is a great addition to your healthy regimen.

Finally, recent studies have show that Peppermint Tea can help you with memory and concentration.


Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea:

Quickly and effectively in relieving a variety of disorders, including:

  • Headaches
  • Sinus problems
  • Upset Stomach
  • Effectively used as a cleansing agent on the skin
  • Help fight bacterial infections
  • Also it help for people who sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Nutrients of Peppermint Tea:

Peppermint Tea is rich of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, fiber, magnesium, sodium, phytosterol, folate, iron, sulfur, copper, selenium.


Dosage on drinking Peppermint Tea:

  1. The recommended adult dosage of peppermint tea is one to two tablespoons of dried peppermint leaf infused with eight ounces of hot water.
  2. Uses for children include one to two ml of peppermint glycerite daily or a smaller amount of peppermint tea (about half of the adult dose!)



Preparing peppermint tea using dried peppermint leaves (if you have your own peppermint plant, lay the leaves on a tray and let them dry in the sun for 24-48 hours until they become crunchy):

  • add 2 tablespoons of dried leaves to a cup of hot water
  • cover
  • steep for 10-20 minutes
  • strain



Peppermint Tea Side Effects:

There were reports that people with GERD or a gastrointestinal ailment should try avoiding drinking this tea as it may worsen the condition.


Caution and Warning on drinking Peppermint Tea:

  • If you have GERD or a hiatal hernia, or if you experience frequent episodes of heartburn, avoid large doses of peppermint and do not ingest pure essential oil of peppermint.
  • Women with a history of miscarriage shouldn’t use peppermint in any form at all while pregnant or trying to get pregnant.



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