Here is where I share all the research, health benefits, disease prevention, magazine stories, and other pieces of information that I gather on each nutrient.  I hope this is a useful resource for you, even though it will always be growing and evolving as I do my research and literature searches.

Basically this is just my own personal notebook on nutrients that – through research – I want to include in my own personal diet.  I am interested in their effects on my health, best sources, good combinations with other nutrients, and even possible side effects.



This anti-aging antioxidant is one of my favorite nutrients since it is the one that essentially proved that wine is healthy!



This is the BEST antioxidant for men to consume. Here you can learn more about it and where to get it from.



This super antioxidant should be a part of your diet – for you eyes’ sake!


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important to many functions in a guy’s body – It affects mood and testosterone production – And it’s cheap & easy to add to your diet