Allicin induced cell cycle arrest in human gastric cancer cell lines.


Benefits on Allicin:

  • Prevention of cardiovascular attacks
  • Restore suppressed antibody responses
  • Broad spectrum of antimicrobial activities
  • Preventing the common cold
  • Prevention and treatment of cancer


Best source of Allicin:

Garlic is the best source of allicin. Allicin is a chemical compound found in fresh garlic cloves. It occurs when two other chemicals in garlic, called alliin and allinase, combine.


Dosage for taking Allicin:

If you encounter in your health like ACNE, ARTHRITIS, ASTHMA and etc. kindly check at facts about allicin for dosages.


Negative effects on taking high dosage of Allicin:

High dosages it may thin the blood and those taking Coumadin or blood thinners should be cautious. There is a possibility of allergic reactions to this herb in rare cases.



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