3 Easy Tips for Men Starting with Nutrition & Health

Written by Andrew Eydt

Topics: Anti-Cancer, Health & Nutrition, Heart Health

Most guys don’t want to make any drastic changes to their lifestyle and would really prefer to not put much effort into thinking about a nutrition plan.  Below are 3 great first steps that are easy to follow and are certain to improve your nutritional health:


1) Drink red wine instead of liquor or other sweet mixed-drinks

This one is easy: 1-2 glasses of red wine are health promoting, while most mixed drinks are loaded with sugar and the only health effects they have are the bad nutritional choices that the buzz causes you to make.

You’ve probably read that red wine contains an antioxidant called Resveratrol, but what does it really do?
Well resveratrol has been linked to lower rates of cancer – especially prostate and colon cancer – and heart disease.  It is basically an all around anti-aging nutrient that helps to protect your cells.
Here is my summary page I created about resveratrol.

Red wine also contains other nutrients that fight heart disease, lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, raise HDL (good) cholesterol, and even dilate blood vessels to reduce the demand on your heart.

Simply try a few different kinds to see what you like.
Pinot Noir is a lighter, fruity, flavorful wine that is great as a starter.  An added bonus: science has shown that pinot noir has the highest concentration of resveratrol.

Most research has shown that 2 drinks per day are fine, but more than that can be harmful.  Other reports that I have read try to limit you to 1 drink.  I split the difference and have one glass of wine on a work night and two glasses on the weekend.  Cheers!


2) BBQ Wild Salmon

Just slap a salmon fillet on your hot grill skin-side down, turn the heat to medium, and don’t overcook!
When the centre of the fish is warm, but still soft, it is done (actually the fish continues to cook after you pull it from the grill).  Use a flipper to carefully pull from the grill.  The skin should be crispy and come right off of the flesh.

Serve with sides of steamed broccoli/asparagus and sweet potatoes and/or beets peeled, cubed, and cooked in foil on the grill.  For an added kick I like a little side of kim-chi (fermented, spicy Korean cabbage).

Salmon is loaded with heart-healthy, HDL-boosing Omega 3 fats, that – as a side effect – promote skin health and appear to help the joints as well. Finally, some research has shown salmon consumption can lower your risk of prostate & colon cancer, stroke, and can help to improve brain function.

Aim for wild salmon since the farmed varieties are fed grains (not exactly part of their natural diet) that are dyed to ‘improve’ their flesh color.  Farmed salmon tend to contain higher levels of toxins as well


3) Have chocolate for dessert

Don’t eat the entire 100g bar, but try to limit your self to 4-6 squares (1/4 to 1/3 or the bar).  I aim for 70% cocoa or higher, but even milk chocolate is OK if it’s replacing cake, pie, cheesecake, or a big bowl of ice cream.

I like the dry, almost bitter flavor of 80%, 90%, and 99% chocolate, but I agree that it does take getting used too.  This very strong chocolate goes well with a sip of red wine or some espresso.

Some benefits of chocolate include: lower blood pressure, lower LDL, and higher blood flow to the brain.  The best effect of chocolate is probably it’s mood boosting effects which are due to edorphin and serotonin release.

It’s easy as this!

Here I’ve shown you how to start working on a nutrition plan with booze, BBQ, and chocolate.  How hard can this health thing be?

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