Add Tea to your Diet – Nutritious and Healthy

Written by Andrew Eydt

Topics: Anti-Cancer, Health & Nutrition

Tea: A healthy alternative to soda

Drinking tea has been a pleasure to humans for thousands of years.  I’ve been enjoying it for a shorter period of time.

One habit that I’ve thankfully given up is drinking soda pop.  It contains empty sugar calories, added color, artificial flavors, and unnatural acids.  No thanks.

I started drinking your standard black tea while I was in university.  It was much healthier than soda and provided a steady supply of caffeine to fuel me through college, but certainly made my dentist work harder for their money to remove the tooth staining

Eventually I started to experiment with various other types of tea and various tisanes & infusions (I call it all tea for simplicity though).  In the last ten years the selection and variety of teas available have drastically increased and I’ve tried more than my fair share.


Green Tea – Drink this for health!

I definitely consume a lot of green tea, especially now that I have found a Japanese grocer in my city.  Loose leaf Japanese green tea is definitely far superior to most of the pre-packaged and pre-bagged stuff you find in the supermarket.  Good green tea actually has a strong, tannic flavor and is great at any time of day.

Be sure to steep your tea long enough to extract the beneficial compounds from it; some sources recommend 3 min, others recommend up to 10 min.  I almost always let it steep for at least 5 min, but I also enjoy the strong flavor.

Green Tea has been shown to promote fat burning and to provide anti-cancer benefits.  Well theses are just the top benefits of green tea consumption, be there are many more that I will cover from time to time in this blog.


Black Tea – Tasty and controls blood sugar

Though at first glance it may be lacking in the nutrition department, black tea does provide a lot of benefit, especially if it replaces a soda or high-fat, high-sugar latte drink.  Also, most black teas are more flavorful than green or white.

It appears that black tea can help to lower your blood sugar after a high carbohydrate meal.  It’s for this reason that I typically have a mug of black tea right after lunch to help avoid the blood sugar spike and afternoon crash that are typical of many people.


Yerba Mate – Green tea on steroids

Though it’s flavor is reminiscent of a weak green tea mixed with straw, this South American native packs a punch.  Contining caffeine and two closly related stimulants, and having it’s own collection of disease fighting phytochemicals, yerba mate is tea that I am just now beginning to consume.  Expect to read more about it here as I research more


Rooibos – a healthy caffeine free addition

Native to South Africa, naturally caffeine free, and host to a number of  cancer-fighting ingredients, the rooibos red bush tea should be a part of your daily diet.  I try to enjoy a couple of mugs of this every evening to just relax, unwind, and supercharge my daily phytochemical and antioxidant intake.  You should try it too.


Now you have four different teas that you can start researching and consuming right now to help improve your health.  I will discuss these and others more in depth on this website since it is such an easy addition to your diet.  Obviously, though, if you drink coffee, black tea, green tea, and yerba mate every day, you will have to watch your caffeine intake more closely.

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