Christmas Time Mall Survival – Nutrition Tips to Keep You Going

Written by Andrew Eydt

Topics: Health & Nutrition

It’s the time of the year now to be spending your entire weekend at the mall doing your Christmas shopping.  Well, malls are where good nutritional intentions go to die – it’s difficult to to be healthy there.  I spent all day today at my local mall and I scoped out the options.

First, a good, tall coffee with cream at Starbucks can get some good calories in you and keep you going.  Just stay away from the sugar and grain based carb snacks.

Second, keeping a bag of almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate, coconut, cranberries, etc. in your pocket will keep you from giving in to the mall food temptations.

Finally, there will be times when you do have to actually buy food at the mall.  You definitely don’t want to be starving yourself and making bad purchasing decisions.

So far, the best options have been:

  • Sashimi or nigiri sushi combo.  The fish is nutritious and gives you a shot of healthy fat and protein.  Just try to keep the white rice to a minimum.
  • As I stated above, a coffee with real cream will give you a good shot of energy.  Definitely Primal approved.
  • Our mall has a Nando’s BBQ grilled chicken – skip the bun or rice and be sure to add a salad and you’ll be fueled to go all day.
  • Get a green curry at the Thai place.  I skip the rice and just work on the tasty, coconut-milk based dish (typically beef, onion,Thai basil, and sometimes a bit more veggie).

Though Christmas time is traditionally when most people give themselves a little cheat room in their nutrition plan, a little bit of thought can easily keep you on track.


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