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Written by Andrew Eydt

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Easy nutrition tips to give you the best life

Your source for easy nutrition tips for any guy.

If you’re like me, you want the best out of life; you want to live a long, healthy, fit, virile, strong life.  On this website I will document what I learn about using nutrition to achieve all of this.

I read books, magazines, blogs, articles, and reports about the effects of nutrition on every aspect of your life: energy, mental focus, testosterone level, joint health, muscle growth, strength, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, skin health, and sleep.  I am always on the lookout for little nutrition tips and healthy tweaks.

My problem is not finding information, but deciphering it all and documenting it for future reference.  I don’t want to have to remember all of the information out there, so I created this site as a way for me to summarize what I learn – this site is my own primary personal reference in designing my own nutritious diet.

I’m not interested in giving up red meat, calorie restriction, avoiding alcohol, quitting chocolate, or weighing food to achieve my goals – this takes things way too far for a regular guy.
However, I am willing to search out the leanest cuts of steak, consume nutrient dense calories, switch to more red wine or select beers, snack on darker chocolate, and spend a little bit of time researching optimal meal and portion sizes.  I’m not interested in exploring what I can’t eat – but in what I should add for optimal health.

I will explore the possible use of food and drink to prevent diabetes, cancer, heart disease,  dementia, high blood pressure, and other disorders.
From what I have seen, proper nutrition can also help to increase testosterone, improve muscle tone, reduce the chance of insomnia, ensure lots of energy, maintain skin health, help with joint swelling and pain, and add mental focus to your day.

Whole foods are much more important to me than supplements are, but I will explore the use of adding nutrients to your diet through supplementation and share my findings with you.
When travelling, supplements and vitamin pills can be of help if you are finding it difficult to eat healthy.

The nutrition tips I share will include foods and drinks to include in your daily diet, why certain nutrients get all the attention in the media, and the tastiest way to include all these healthy foods in your life.

I will share the books that I am reading and give honest reviews on them.  I will suggest other nutrition websites or podcasts that will provide you with further tips.

I will also share any health and diet related setbacks that I have in my own life, and how I overcame them.

I am glad to share my knowledge and research with you!

If there’s a topic you would like me to explore, a comment you have from your own experience, or some constructive criticism of my conclusions; I welcome you to send those to me.  We should all have the goal of living a more healthy, vibrant life!

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