Black Bean Goulash Recipe

I am constantly trying to find new and better ways to consume more beans.  They all contain beneficial levels of fiber, protein, and various antioxidants.  The best of all – in my opinion – are black beans.  Black beans are a good source of anthocyanins which improve brain health and have cancer-fighting properties.  The dark pigment of the black bean is a result of these anthocyanins which are also found in blueberries, cranberries, and other red/purple/blue/black foods.

To prepare dry beans,  soak them in water over night, then bring water to a boil, add beans, the simmer until cooked.  All dry beans must be boiled and rinsed.  You can use canned beans if you prefer, just be sure to rinse them well before using.



1 cup dry black beans
1 red onion
~5 local/organic garlic cloves (again as many as you can get away with)
1-3 Hot pepers – I mix up jalapeno, serrano, and habanero.
1-2 cups frozen corn (this gives a great texture to this dish).
1 cup dry brown rice
some lean, hot italian sausage or other form of ground meat.
Fresh/dried herbs and spices to taste.  I use: basil, oregano, tumeric, black pepper, and ground corriander – Load it up!



In a pot, prepare the beans as directed above.

In a frying pan, slowly sautée the onion, garlic, and hot peppers until well cooked and translucent.  Add oregano, basil, pepper, tumeric, and other spices to taste (this recipe never tastes the same twice – since I never measure the spices – I just try new combos).

Drain the beans, then add back into the pot and cover with some fresh water.  Add the onion mixture to the pot and blend the soup with a had blender.

Add water to get the desired consistency (I aim for a chili-like thickness) and bring to a light simmer.  Add the frozen corn.

In the frying pan, cook the meat you seelcted (A ground meat works well for this recipe) then add to the soup.

Perpare the brown rice and drain.

Serve the goulash over a small portion of brown rice.


Suggested modifications:

You could easily add a bunch of spinach or some broccoli to the onion mixture and hardly notice it in the finished meal.

I also add any tomato sauce/paste I have in the fridge to the finished soup mixture to add a bit of lycopene to the meal as well.


A great lunch

I find this is an easy meal to take to work and heat up for lunch.  I like to use glass lunch containers since they go right into the microwave and I don’t have to bring a plate with me.  Never put plastic lunch containers into the microwave.

To add some greens to the meal I take some spinach or romaine lettuce with a vinigarette dressing – which I usually eat while the main dish is warming in the microwave.